Replace Your Existing Lighting With LED Lighting


QUALITY - Our products have been approved with the most important international certifications. As the TUV of Germany, the European CE or the Autralian C-TICK, ISO-9001 and others.


The research and application of new technologies in our products are the two pillars of our company allowing us to be at the forefront of the evolving market and to translate these technological advances to our customers.

Our vision is to be a part of the global solution in energy usage.

We strive to decrease carbon emissions, slow down global warming and at the same time, save customer's cost and prolong our product´s lifespan.

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  • Energy


    Our energy efficiency lighting replaces your existing indoor lamps. These include c...

  • Spotlights


    Our spotlights casts a narrow beam of light that often covers less than 45 degrees....

  • Floodlights


    Our Floodlights emit a wide beam of light that covers an area of up to 120 degrees ...

  • General Lighting

    General Lighting

    Our general purpose lighting replaces your existing indoor lamps. These include com...